Downloads Aircon Energy Saver

Download the Conditionaire Aircon Energy Saver System brochure for information to install on all types of AC Units including AC Split, AC Window and AC Package Units for 20% to 30% Energy Savings!

PDF ThumbnailCompany Brochure
PDF ThumbnailAircon Energy Saver Fact Sheet
PDF ThumbnailAES Installation Brochure
PDF ThumbnailSystem Application Examples
PowerPoint ThumbnailAircon (Power Point Presentation)
PDF ThumbnailIndependant Test Results
PDF ThumbnailHSBC verification letter
PDF ThumbnailNational Energy Awards Certificate
PDF ThumbnailCompetitor Comparison
PDF ThumbnailTest Verification from Renaissance Hotel Group
PDF ThumbnailHKUST Independant laboratory test
Doc ThumbnailEvaluation Report for Wong Tai Sin Hospital
Doc ThumbnailEvaluation Report for Wellcome Supermarkets
Doc ThumbnailEvaluation Report for Jumeirah