Conditionaire Energy Saving Controls

Conditionaire International - Winner of the National Energy Efficiency Awards

Conditionaire International, the energy consumption from your Air Conditioning Units, AC Chiller or Refrigeration Systems have a huge impact on your Energy Bills and on the Environment, the Aircon Energy Saver, ChillerSaver and FridgeSaver Energy Saving Controls are the answer.

The residential, commercial, hotel and leisure industries are the largest users of air conditioning and refrigeration yet many of these potential customers are still paying the whole costs both Financially and Environmentally.

The life span of your air conditioning units and the demand for Air Conditioners around the world matching the increasing temperature levels, as Global Warming affect many countries at an alarming rate. The Energy Costs you will pay for your Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems will continue to increase and strain resources.


A UK manufactured Aircon Energy Saver will often pay back in less than a year and will include energy savings and up to one ton of Carbon Emissions per 1kW unit savings within one year. The UK award winning Aircon Energy Saver is brought to you by Conditionaire International formed in 1994 offer a wealth of experience in the Air Conditioning AC Units and AC Chillers Energy Saving sectors.


The Aircon Energy Saver (AES) significantly reduces carbon emissions, improves air quality and can save you up to 30% on your energy costs for air conditioning. The AES is the only fully tested and with global recommendations UK manufactured air conditioning energy saving product on the market, approved for copyright and distribution throughout the EU and worldwide, the Aircon Energy Saver is the answer.

The standard designs of air conditioning units are to operate continuously until the thermostat is satisfied, running the compressor and producing a greater cooling capacity than the air can absorb. This of course wastes energy.

AES controls the thermostat and the compressor to achieve optimum balance between efficiency and minimum energy consumption. The unit not only saves up to 30% on your electricity bill for air conditioning but it requires no maintenance, will pay you back in less than a year, prevents icing, expands the lifetime of your AC unit and helps to contribute to a healthier living environment.